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Gelplane Testimonials

Gelplane means more work for your yard and bigger profits for your business. This handheld unit also provides you with the opportunity of securing off-site peeling contracts. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are what just a few of our many satisfied Gelplane customers say……

"We have bought from you a GelPlane about 3 months ago and we are REALLY satisfied, it saves us a lot of time and it is very easy to use, we´ve broken in the beginning a couple of blades but after, we achieved a better performance for a good work."

"Thanks for your work"

Tegus Yacht, Portugal

"“We have used our Gelplane machines to peel several yachts with core damage. They have proved to be both time saving and efficient. We feel that Gelplane has saved our customers up to 50% when compared to alternative methods. Gelplane gets our customers’ jobs done in the shortest time possible, therefore saving them money, which has equated to repeat business and increased profits for our company.”"

Kathleen Stewart, All Points Boats, Inc. Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

"“Gelplane is easy to use. With its adjustable depth of cutting it does exactly what we want it to do, leaving a nice clean finish……Extremely efficient, well worth the investment.”"

Lloyd Cordell, UNIPREP, Sandford, Dorset,UK.

"“Using Gelplane saves us about 20% of the time it used to take to remove Gel Coat by sanding. The results are so much better too – the hull is now left smooth with no waves or gouges and it has cut down all the sanding that used to need to be done to get a smooth finish. When the Gel Coat is applied it looks so much better! Gelplane is such an asset to our company, it gives us an edge over our competitors and as it extracts dust automatically, it’s much better for our employees as it gives them a dust free environment”."

Suzanne Labrosse, Transform Plus Inc, Quebec, Canada

"“The smoothness of the surface after planing using Gelplane is far better than any other peeler I have ever used. Dust control is also a lot better, making it so much easier to keep the yard clean - even when there is a very dirty job to do.”"

Mark Reuwer,Reuwer Boatworks, Rock Hall, Maryland, USA

"“The guys like using Gelplane very much, it’s far better than what they were using before. It works wonderfully, cuts down the work and leaves a very smooth finish. It’s a great tool.”"

Les Margetts, Philbrook’s Boatyard, Sidney, Canada

"“Gelplane does an even job of removing Gel Coat , it’s quick and effective – the best I’ve ever tried. Its vacuum assistance makes it really easy to dispose of and clean up after. We’ve used it to plane off large areas of fiberglass for repairs and it did a very good job.”"

Bill Lowe, Anchors Away Boat Yard, Hampstead, N.C., USA

"“For removing Gelcoat the Gelplane works far better than sanding… It saves a lot of time and dust.”"

Glen Moore, Le Clercq Marine, Seattle, USA

"“Gelplane is a very high quality, durable machine, we love it. It’s decreased time spent 10 fold, so we can get more work done, plus it’s very clean and produces virtually no mess.”"

Pat White, Majic Touch Inc, Bell, Florida, USA

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